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Organizational Strategist for Life, Business, & Events

Let’s Get Organized Today!

Schedule Management

Allow me to create and manage your personalized schedule to maximize your time each day.

Strategic planning

You have the idea. You know what you want — you’re simply lacking a good plan to get you from Point A to Point B.

overwhelmed to organized

This is my signature framework that has helped multiple clients shift from overwhelmed to organized!

Event management

I’ll manage all logistics and operations for your event. You simply share your end state goal, and I’ll bring it to life!

what is the process like? 

Listen, Boss Mom! I’ve absolutely been where you are. It’s what I personally call organized chaos. Yes, the work gets done. Yes, the clients are pleased with your work, BUT at the end of the day YOU are completely drained, overwhelmed, and frankly just wishing for a few more hours in the day! I get it!  I understand, and I’m here to help!

complimentary organizational call with danielle

I’d love to chat with you and get to know more about you and your business. To book your complimentary chat, please click here.

custom Schedule for your needs

There are 24 hours in each day. Our goal is to maximize your time by providing time for work, play, and family! 

90 day strategic plan for you business

If you don’t have a plan, you could end up anywhere. Let’s take some time to create a develop and signature plan specific to your business to increase your productivity.  

Personal project manager

Time is one of our most valuable assets. Take back your time by allowing me managing your life, business, projects, and events. 

an organized life!

The time has come for you to be the true CEO that you are! Allow me to manage the backend of your business while you serve as the Boss Mama that you are!

My Approach

Organization is rooted in partnership!

I strongly believe in a collaborative approach to bringing your vision to life!

You are the visionary. I simply create a good fit plan for your life and business.

Together, we break down barriers, automate systems, and streamline communication; so that we can increase both your productivity and profitibility.

Life is meant to be lived. Let’s create a custom plan for you today!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s hop on a compimentary organizational chat! I’d love the opportunity to learn more about you, your business, and your organizational needs. 


Choose a Plan

Select the best fit plan for you in your business right now. Whether it be schedule management or my signature framework. It’s all about finding a good fit and eliminating both overwhelm and chaos!

Get Organized

Enjoy automated systems, streamlined communication, increased productivity and profitability while decreasing your workload and increasing your time! 

    Schedule Management

    If you’re missing deadlines, feeling overwhelmed, and like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This service is for you! Together, we will strategically map out each day from wake to sleep! This means, scheduling work at your most productive times, making sure that you have time for things that are most important to you, while still leaving you flex-time to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with your family.

    More Details
    • A detailed action plan mapping each day in its entirety for one month
    • Google Calendar Integration 
    • Event Reminders
    • 2 Revisions


    strategic planning

    Have you ever felt like you have a never-ending task list with so many great ideas, but never enough time to implement your great ideas? In our planning session, you will share the vision of your business with me. You know the things you’re constantly thinking about, but you never have enough time to actually do? As a strategic planner, I’ll map out a short term and long term plan for your business and take your idea from conception to launch.

    More Details
    • A Detailed Monthly Schedule integrated with your Google Calendar
    • A 90 Day Strategic Plan for your business
    • A project plan with action items, deliverables, timelines, and everything in between.
    • An execution calendar with key dates of completion to bring your vision to life 
    • (2) 60 Minute Organizational Chats


    Event Management

    Do you have a major event coming up and the thought of logistics immediately overwhelms you? If so, this package is perfect for you! I will handle all logistics operations, vendor meetings, and guest reservations. You simply must share the purpose and vision for your event and watch it unfold before your eyes. 

    More Details

    • Communication to All Vendors
    • Creation & Management of Event Budget
    • A project plan with action items, deliverables, timelines, and everything in between.
    • An execution calendar with key dates of completion to bring your vision to life
    • (2)  60 Minute Organizational Chats
    • Optional: On-Site Assistance (additional charge required)


    overwhelmed to organized

    Are you ready to get back to serving as the CEO of your business? It’s time for you to get out of the weeds & allow me to handle the backend systems. This is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to be totally hands-off & desires a total organizational revamp for their business. I will take the reigns and operate in my 100% strength zone and bring your ultimate vision to life by automating systems, streamlining communication, and keeping you aligned with your goals! 

    More Details
    • A Detailed Monthly Schedule integrated with your Google Calendar
    • A 90 Day Strategic Plan 
    • Accountability for our time together
    • Bi-weekly check-ins
    • Automated Scheduling + Onboarding Process + Offboarding process
    • A Custom Organization Audit & Next Steps Plan for your Life or Business 

    Please note, all prices listed are our starting points and may increase due to the proposed project. All sales are final and non-refundable due to the nature of our business. If you have any additional questions, contact dadams@divineinsp.com.

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